Checked by: Travis and Darian
Lauren 5L

The cheetahs can be found at different parks such as Kruger Park, Kalahari Park in South Africa, Etosha Park in Namibia. Cheetahs are found in open places like savannas. Cheetahs prey on antelopes, Thomson’s gazelles and impalas and hunt small mammals. Their predators are eagles, humans, hyenas and lions. The cheetah camouflages in the grass. Cheetahs are solitary animals. The male will accompany a female for a short while after mating, but most of the time the female is by her self or with her cheetah cubs. The early people trained cheetahs to hunt. Many civilisations depicted them in there art and written records. Cheetahs are so popular that kbar the great of India was told to keep a stable of about 1,000. The cheetahs name came from an Indian word meaning the spotted one. A cheetah cub has long gray-blue coat and a black underneath that rapidly lightens and becomes spotted.,%20Cheetah.jpg