By Jordyn Hall
Crocodiles live in St Lucia Wetlands Park .

Crocodiles are found in freshwater rivers that have a lot of vegetation. They also can be found in really big lakes.

Baby crocodiles eat worms and insects, and the adults eat frogs, tadpoles. Larger prey if it becomes valuable and they eat humans.

A baby crocodiles predators are the soft shelled turtle, but most baby African crocodiles usually survive to maturity. Although the crocodiles don’t have many predators, the crocodile population is getting smaller because of over hunting by man. Another predator of the crocodile is the human.

As survivors of the dinosaur age, crocodiles are found in warm waters in Africa. They can also be found in warm waters in Australia, Asia and America.

Crocodiles are different sizes. The saltwater crocodile measures up to 10 metres In length, and others are no longer than 1 metre long.
Being hunted extensively for their skins, big crocodiles are becoming very rare.

Crocodiles eat mammals. They also eat fish, birds and humans,
Crocodiles eat mammals and They also eat fish, birds and humans.
Checked by: Lauren
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