By Kasthoori 5L Checked by Scott 5L
Elephants are mostly restricted to parks and reserves.

Elephants are capable of living in almost any habitat
That has adequate varieties,
Elephants eat food like roots, grasses, leaves and fruits,
and drink water.
Today it is hard for elephants to live outside being protected at parks as they get killed by poachers and from habitat loss that comes with human settlement.

Protection: They can be traded as commercially only if trade will not harm their own survival.
The African elephant is one of the largest mammals on earth
And also one of the smartest.

Threats: Increasing human populations, habitat loss and ivory exchanged are the biggest threats to the elephant’s life.
Elephants can stay alive up to 50 to 60 years.
The females hold their baby
For about two years.

Males length reaches up to
21 feet and weighs up to
About 13,200 pounds.Females are about two feet smaller and actually weigh half as much.